Newborn-2 years

Our Mission:

· To provide a positive, God centered and nurturing childcare experience for children and parents which will enable parents to focus on worship and fellowship.

“Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for such is the kingdom of God.”
Mark 10:14

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All of our Nursery Volunteer Staff are given these guide lines to follow when working with a child:

I was created uniquely as one of a kind. God made me special.

·        I am my parents’ most precious gift. They are trusting that you will take good care of me.

·        Please make me feel special.

·        Make me feel loved.

·        Do not belittle me.

·        Speak softly to me.

·        Protect me from falling.

·        Please wash your hands often, when wiping my nose, or after you change me.

·        Never leave me alone in the room.

·        Help me learn how to share; you could distract me with another toy.

·        Never let me climb on a table, or stand on a chair.

·        Do not pull my arm, or leg.

·        Don’t forget my parent’s instructions about feeding, changing, allergies.

·        Take one of my friends with us if you take me to the bathroom

·        If I get too strong willed for you, please remember, I’m learning boundaries and this is part of MY unique growing into who God wants me to be. I will need extra love and patience at those times. (And if you start getting worn out, PLEASE ask one of the other workers to help you.)

·        Thank you for letting God’s love shine through you; even though I may not show it right now, you are helping me grow closer to Him by the way you care for me!


On Sundays, both services have a designated “Lead” that is making sure all is running smoothly. If you have any specific questions, please ask to speak with the Lead of the service your child attends, or contact Cassandra Conroy, Nursery Coordinator.


Nursery Coordinator- Cassandra Conroy
Children’s Minsitries – email    phone (562) 296-6483