For those children who have accepted Christ, we will have the opportunity to participate in communion

in the Children’s Resource Area between 1st & 2nd service at 10:15am

Please approach the room with a reverent & respectful heart & spirit.

Parents, if this is the first time your child will be taking communion,

please go over the statement below so they will truly understand the importance of this practice we follow as believers.

        Who should participate in communion?

From Scripture, we can understand that only believers, those who have accepted Christ as their Lord & Savior,are to share in the Lord’s Supper.

The Lord’s Supper should be done in a spirit of careful thought & remembrance of Jesus’ death.

As the bread & the cup are about to be taken, this is an excellent time to remember all that our Lord has done for us.

Use this quiet time to remember to praise Him, confess your sins, repent & thank Him for His forgiveness.

Also use this time to think back to all that Jesus has done for you because of His great love for you.

(I Corinthians 11:28 “A man ought to examine himself before he eats of the bread & drinks of the cup”)