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They got snow!


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Cornerstone Kids Long Beach




with Mr. J and his band!

January 19-21, 2018 

Theme 2018: Tales From the Goldmine

Tales from the Gold Mine tells the story of Gold Mine City, an old west town that looked for treasure in all the wrong places. Eventually the wicked Big Bad Joe buys up the whole town, including the church, and turns it all into a giant “All-Mart” store to sell stuff! Big Bad Joe advertises that “Stuff is what happiness is made of!”

Well, Deputy J isn’t going to let this takeover continue. He rallies the town folk to dig down into the ‘pure gold’ of the Bible. The conflict ends in a showdown as Big Bad Joe comes face to face with truth of God’s Word. This classic old west tale helps young and old alike look carefully at where they find their treasure. All will learn that the Bible is full of pure gold!

In all of Mr. J’s events, kids love the dramatic teachings played out on a larger-than-life set by energetic staff in imaginative costumes – and yet, behind all the theatrics is a solid base of Bible stories and instruction, teaching them to hunger for a habit of daily Bible reading.

Getting on BusReady to leave for Winter Camp!

January 2018

They had some snow and a great weekend with Mr. J and his team!

 The Group at Camp



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